Music producer / composer

  • Hello. My name is Amine Mabrouk. I am a music producer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

“I truly believe that music is a simple way to deliver a message .”

What i do

I produce uplifting Hip Hop music for commercial use, that contributes in engaging the audience into the video easily.

How i do it

I do quick research weekly about the current trend in hip hop music that people follow and respond to. Following the succesful brands and their music selection for their campaign is also part of my research.


Creating catchy melodies, groovy beats and modish music is a part of my daily routine, the other part is making memorable advertising campaigns.


Funky Hip hop

Uplifting and joyful hip hop, mixed with funky guitar riffs, playfull trumpets and more.

Jazzy Hip hop

Festive and playful hip hop, mixed with jazzy  saxophone , groovy beat, vocals and more.

Cool Hip hop

Modern and energetic hip hop, groovy beat, scratch, vocals, bass and more.

Raw Hip hop

Energetic and fiery hip hop, punchy drums, massive bass and more.

Need a ride ?

i just want to thank you for your precious time, i would be so happy to hear from you soon. It's always good to connect.

For any inquiries please email